If your carpets are showing signs their age, spruce them up with the help of a carpet rake. Realtors and contractors do it all the time. A carpet rake will bring your carpets back to life for when company's coming, parties or for when you put your house on the market to sell.

A carpet rake uses the same principle as the rake you use in your yard but instead of raking leaves, you rake the fibers of your aging carpets. Raking the fibers untangles them, making that matted look go away, all while fluffing up the carpet. So now, you can make the worn areas of your carpets look almost as good as the areas that have had less wear and tear.

Now you know the secret realtors and contractors have been using for years. Before a house showing, realtors may rake the carpets in an older home to make them look fresh and newer. Something a vacuum can't do (even though vacuuming before raking does help). You now know the secret realtors and contractors have been using to make matted and worn carpets look like new again.

Amazon.com has the rake featured in this video for just under $40 (The carpet in this video is 16 years old.)

Look at how without any pressure at all, the carpets in this Instagram video look "fresh". Using more pressure, these carpets would look even better.

Carpet rakes can revive your carpets.

Carpet rakes help you keep the pile looking great and to loosen debris that gets caught deep in the fibers. You can rake your carpet before vacuuming, to loosen debris and fibers for better vacuuming results. Or rake after vacuuming for the "smooth" look.


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