Do not adjust your eyes,you read that right, 57-year-old Anthony Bruce Berry was caught performing an “Indecent act” on a door? You cant help but LOL! I know once you get old it's harder to find a companion but this is just cray cray! So apparently Mr. Berry  couldn’t find a woman to have sex with so he pulled his manhood out and proceeded to have intercourse with a door. I know, you have to be thinking how in the heck can that even be possible.

It is according to an employee who saw the  whole incident and even got video to use as proof when she called the police. The employee of the business told the police that she saw Berry walk to the back of the business around 2 in the afternoon. Soon after going to the back of the building, he pulled out his privates and began committed the disturbing act.

After he was done he took a seat on a nearby bench and that’s where police found him on. The police asked Berry if he had committed the sex act with the door and Berry replied,

“Yes, I have a mental problem!” with a smile.

Berry has been in trouble with the law since 1979. He’s been arrested about 32 times, for two previous indecent exposure charges. He’s also been in trouble  for cocaine possession, robbery, sexual assault, trespassing, and many other things.

Can you imagine this kat in the door and door knob section of Home Depot. LOL! He gives a whole new meaning to DILF (Doors I Like to F@#$)

Huffington post
Huffington post

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