It was an interesting day at the Super 1 in Scott after a large group of pigs got loose from their livestock trailer on Wednesday (Feb. 8).

Shoppers were surprised to see pigs roaming around the parking lot during their Wednesday afternoon grocery run as photos and videos of the animals quickly went viral on social media.

The jokes wrote themselves as the pigs were ironically wandering loose in the literal Boudin Capitol of the world; sparking hundreds of shares and hilarious comments on social media.


Joel Nero saw those photos on Facebook, and while driving to pick up his son he decided to pull into the Super 1 store to see if the owner of the pigs needed help. Nero had lots of rodeo experience, but primarily with cows and horses.

While he had never really corralled pigs before, he still gave it his best shot and the videos were both amazing and hilarious.

Mackenzie Miller shared multiple videos showing Nero chasing after the pigs, at one point bringing out the lassos to help capture the loose swine.

Mackenzie Miller, Facebook
Mackenzie Miller, Facebook

After much lassoing and a very muddy chase in the middle of a thunderstorm, all eight pigs were captured and placed back on a trailer. To show his appreciation for Nero stopping to help him corral the pigs, the owner offered him two of the pigs to keep for himself.

Nero proudly posted his "pay" for the day on social media.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 7.50.48 AM

If you missed the original story, you can see all the initial photos and videos of the pigs here.

One thing is for sure; there will never be this much excitement about pork at the Super 1 grocery store in Scott—unless more pigs get loose.

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