What is this guy doing?

A video of a man eating boiled crawfish is circulating on social platforms because of the way he eats his boiled crawfish.

Rather than peeling his crawfish, as we all do, this guy simply puts the crawfish in his mouth, without peeling it, and eats it.

Yes, he is eating crawfish with the shells and I cannot and do not want to imagine how this feels doing through his digestive tract.

I am hoping that this is a joke and that he does not always eat his crawfish like this. if so, I too agree that he should be arrested.

Crawfish season is rapidly coming to an end, so if you're a fan, get them while you can, and please don't do as he does below.

Once again, the internet never lets you down as some of the comments on this video are just as entertaining as the guy in it.


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