Watch this California man film a police officer driving reckless in a non-emergency situation, then confront him.

Have you ever been late for work? It would be nice if you were a police officer, you could run red lights and speed through traffic.

This one California man thinks it's not fair for an officer of the law to do such things as speeding and driving reckless just because you are late for work. He took it upon himself to film and follow this officer as he sped through traffic.

Once the officer stopped and pulled into the parking lot at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, YouTuber Lewis confronted the officer and said that he had been following him and had been recording him, then asked the officer for a business card.

The officer said he didn't have one and then identified himself as Rich. YouTuber Lewis then started asking him a bunch of questions and the convo went like this:

Lewis: I feel that you were driving recklessly, and I got you on video driving excessively, not putting on your turning signal.

Officer: OKAY, That's a pretty long way to follow me.

Lewis: I feel pretty strongly if that would have been me, you would have pulled me over and given me a ticket, and I'm assuming you're not in an emergency situation, is that a fair assumption?

Officer: I'm just driving to work.

Lewis: When I'm late for work, I can't speed.

Officer: OKAY

Lewis: Thanks for your time

Officer: No Problem

The video was turned into Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and according to The Blaze they are looking into it.