A man went beyond Chuck Norris levels when he posted a video to Facebook immediately after being attacked by a grizzly bear.

Facebook user Todd Orr posted the clip to his page on Sunday with a bloodied face and arms in a very gruesome PSA that showed a realistic aftermath of "when bears attack." I don't even know how this guy managed to even record this video, but he's very lucky to be alive.

According to Orr, he was approached by a female grizzly from about 80 yards out after he came across the mother and her cubs, and even though he tried spraying her with bear spray, he got mauled by the bear anyway.

Blood from cuts on his head covered his face while chunks of skin from his arms dangled in the aftermath of the attack—but somehow he still managed to shoot a video. What's more impressive is by the time he recorded the video he had already walked three miles from the spot where he was mauled.

His video has gotten millions of views in just a matter of hours, and while we hope he is ok this guy is already being labeled a badass.

I can't disagree with that.

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