Troy Landry would be proud.

Two Louisiana men saw an alligator hanging out on the shoulder of Hwy 90 in Raceland. Most people would just drive right on by, but Jay Bourg and David Dotson decided to pull over to get the gator out of harm's way.

The video opens up with Bourg, who says he's been "catching gators since he was a kid," making his way across a very busy Hwy 90 where the gator was hanging out on the shoulder.


It was in the median side of the road trying to get across to the drainage ditch on the west side of the highway and traffic was bad it was after 5:00

After a few attempts to grab the gator by the tail, Bourg finally gets a hold of the reptile and drags it deeper into the median.


Once he got the alligator off the road it appears that he tries to kick the animal in the mouth, but what he was trying to do was make the gator tired.


I been catching them since I was 8 and I wasn't kicking it I was making it snap it's jaws to burn off energy

Eventually, his plan worked and he was able to get the alligator's mouth closed, but the feisty reptile still fought Bourg the entire way back to the truck.

People on social media commended the men for saving the gator and removing a potentially dangerous hazard from the highway.

Saved gator and stopped a potential car accident good job

Of course, others on Facebook were more critical, warning the men that they may have "illegally trapped" the gator, but Bourg cleared up any confusion.

And the ditches were just about dry at the time when I caught it I brought it home and let it go in bayou lafourche in front my buddy's street. We have a follow up video showing we released it in the bayou. Just didn't wanna see lil guy dead on highway

Gators on the roadway can actually be dangerous and have been known to shut entire highways down when they wander out into the roadway. I've actually run

Good job, "Gator Man!"

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