Miami police are investigating a murder that occurred at a home owned by Rick Ross early Wednesday morning (Feb. 29). Details are scarce, but an unidentified man was found shot and killed outside of the rapper’s house.

According to the Miami Herald, authorities were called to the home after recieving calls of gunfire just before 7AM ET. Police spokesman Sgt. Bill Bamford said when officers arrived, they discovered the body of a 40-year-old black man near the gate of the front yard of the home.

“We don’t know if he lives here, if he was visiting friends or relatives here. He was inside the fence,” he told CBS4 News. “It appears that he was met at the gate either as he was leaving or as he was arriving by someone and that’s where he met his demise.”

The Maybach Music Group honcho was not at the home and the police are not calling him a suspect. Authorities are unsure if the dead man had any connection with the Miami rapper.

Ross often lets friends stay at the property and gets his mail delivered at a different address. Police are interested in talking to him as they continue to investigate this tragic incident.

Reps for Ross had no comment on the matter.

Watch CBS4 News Report on Man Found Dead at Rick Ross’ Home

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