This is absolutely terrible.

A gallery owner was seen spraying a homeless person with a garden hose and he has shown very little remorse for his actions.

The incident was all caught on camera in San Fransico as Collier Gwin sprayed the woman sitting in front of his business.

When police arrived on the scene, both parties reportedly turned down any further action from authorities, but the story didn't stop there.


When Gwin, who owns Foster Gwin Gallery, was interviewed by the local media he did not deny his actions and said he'd do it again.

As you may imagine social media went off on this guy when the video surfaced and he was forced to stop all social media presence for his business.

The lounge seen in this viral video did not have any role in this and they have had to defend their brand since the video went viral.

Gwin says that for days he's allowed this woman to sleep in the doorway of his business, but when she refused to leave and became belligerent, he sprayed her with the hose.

Here's the moment the homeless person was sprayed while on a sidewalk in San Francisco.

Check out what the man had to say about his actions and decision to spray this homeless woman.

Sadly, this is not the first time we see homeless people "assaulted" while in front of a business.

Just recently we saw an employee at a store in Baton Rouge do something very similar when she poured water on a homeless person on a cold winter morning.



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