KATC TV-3 sat down with the man who helped pull Wade Berzas from the plane wreckage last weekend in Lafayette.

According to KATC, Brandon Chevalier was responding to maintenance call at a nearby apartment complex when he saw the plane go down and nearly hit a post office off of Verot School Rd. in Lafayette.

Chevalier says that he and others ran towards the wreckage as soon as the plane went down and that's when they spotted Berzas. Initially, they thought he was waving at them, but in reality, he was about to fall back into the fire and that's when they rescued Wade from the fire.

Berzas was the sole survivor in the crash and is currently being treated for burns in a Lafayette hospital.

While Brandon Chevailer and others wish they could have done more to help other passengers on the plane, they are truly heroes. They should be proud of their efforts, I know the family of Wade Berzas is forever grateful.


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