A video of the Olympic gymnast dancing around in a thong was not the result of being hacked and anyone who was offended can "unfollow" her if they don't approve.

We remember McKayla from the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Her nearly flawless routine that many thought would earn her a gold medal fell short when she landed on her backside after failing to reach enough height to land on her feet.

Quinn Rooney, Getty Images

Her "not impressed" smirk when receiving the silver medal was internet gold and she quickly became one of the most popular memes of all time.

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

Since then, McKayla has been doing her music thing as an aspiring pop singer and some of those who follow her on social media got a treat over the weekend when a video of McKayla flaunting her Olympic backside to Kendrick Lamar's "Love" appeared on her Instagram.

Immediately people thought she was hacked, until the subsequent post revealed that the video was 100% posted on purpose, and if anyone had an issue with it—well, you can read her post below.

There is definitely an easy "impressed yet/not impressed" joke that can be made here with little to no effort.

Now that McKayla has revealed that the video was posted intentionally some have criticized her decision due to the young gymnasts that follow her page. Others have moved towards speculation that the Olympian has butt implants. (Let's just ignore that whole olympic training background, right?)

Butt implants or not, what do you think of the Olympian-turned aspiring pop star and her new image?

UPDATE: Since this post was published, it seems McKayla has doubled down on her bootylicious ways and posted more photos flaunting her backside.

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