Some are calling it the "swat heard round the world."

But did Melania Trump really swat her husband Donald's hand away when they arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv, Israel? One Twitter user captured the exchange that has had the internet buzzing with speculation that the FLOTUS isn't happy with the POTUS.

Some are saying Melania flicked his hand away. Others are saying she may not have realized he was reaching back and simply made incidental contact. Then there are those who say what you see may depend on your political affiliation.

There's also this.

This isn't the first time Donald and Melania's relationship has been questioned due to her body language in public. And of course everyone remembers the alleged "smile that melted into a frown" during the inauguration.

Did Melania deny the Donald? Unless we hear that was the case directly from the source, it will always be speculation.

So, we'll let you decide and post your thoughts in the comments below.

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