Dave Baker is part of the Storm Team 3 Weather Team and does a great job of keeping us up to date with our Acadiana forecast every morning on Good Morning Acadiana. Today Dave achieved epic meteorologist status for changing his tie SIX times during ONE broadcast after his producer criticized his choice of tie before the show.

Did you notice this morning? If not, then Baker may have actually inadvertently proven his point. We just wonder if his producer noticed, lol. If not, she'll definitely find out about it soon enough.

After his show this morning Baker posted what he had done on his Facebook page.


Somehow, Reddit got their hands on the photo and it quickly blew up and made its way around the internet as people applauded Baker's wardrobe protest.

But how did a meteorologist from Lafayette, LA go viral just for changing his necktie a bunch of times?

The answer is simple: Dave Baker is a modern day superhero.

Yes, a superhero to everyone who has ever been harassed by a boss or an authoritative figure who wanted something done that, at the end of the day, simply wasn't worth the hassle. In a situation where most people would just comply while cursing their boss under their breath, Baker took a stand, and simultaneously managed to flex his serious tie game.

Well played Dave Baker. Well played.

Which tie did you like most? Comment below!

[via Facebook]