It was a touchdown celebration that paid the ultimate homage.

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas got behind the defense on a 72 yard touchdown grab and as soon as he crossed the goal line he rushed to the goal post. When I saw him crouch down it reminded me of the time that Joe Horn pulled out a cell ph---Oh, wait a minute! Michael Thomas totally just pulled a Joe Horn!!

In case you didn't start paying attention to the Saints until the Brees-Payton era, there was a player by the name of Joe Horn who notoriously pulled the same stunt back in 2003 and to this day it's one of the coolest TD celebrations in NFL history.

On Sunday, Michael Thomas gave a nod to Horn after scoring on the Los Angeles Rams. Horn says he was watching the game while working out alone in his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi. When he realized what Thomas was doing, the former Saints wideout said he got emotional.

When I saw him bring out that cellphone, I teared up. That’s something that some kids don’t do, to pay homage to an old soul. For him to do it on a national stage took a lot of courage. I’m humbled.

The stunt resulted in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and glares from Thomas' head coach Sean Payton, but ultimately the Saints would pull off the 45-35 win against a tough Rams team.

After the game, Thomas—who finished with 12 catches and a franchise-record 211 yards—said he's been thinking about the celebration since he's been with the team.

I loved the celebration. I loved the swagger that he brought. I love how it got the crowd going. I definitely was thinking about it, but I’m happy I waited for that moment. All these guys are catching touchdowns and celebrating and having fun and getting the crowd involved. I felt like I had an opportunity to make it happen, put the game away and make the call.

Thomas said there were phones stashed in each goal post, and the source of the "flip phones" may be the most New Orleans thing ever.

Speaking of cell phones, Horn says his phone blew up after the celebration—receiving tons of texts and calls from friends and family. The third all-time-leading receiver for the Saints said he immediately went online after the celebration to make a special purchase.

I will always love the city of New Orleans and when I come back there again I’m going to be wearing my Michael Thomas jersey.

Now that's a good call.

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