New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is officially in comeback season.

The Saints star wideout has battled his fair share of injuries, missing significant time over the last few seasons, but a revamped contract seems to have given Mike and the Saints a fresh restart on their somewhat strained relationship moving forward.

While many Saints fans and insiders all but held the door open for Michael Thomas to leave New Orleans this offseason, he shocked the fanbase when it was revealed that he was one of the key players who recruited quarterback Derek Carr to choose the Saints, but also signed on to play for the black and gold with a brand new restructured contract.

A lot of Mike's new deal is hinged upon his performance and overall health and if a viral video from earlier this week is any indicator, Michael Thomas is not taking this offseason lightly.

I mean that both literally and figuratively as the Saints wide receiver is seen deadlifting 530 lbs which is not anything to laugh at. When healthy, Michael Thomas has been one of the most dominant receivers to ever play the game. Based on some of the content he has shared over the past few months, his focus is on football and football only.

Of course, there are always more doubters than supporters when it comes to MT due to his injury history, but for anyone familiar with his situation, he really has caught a few tough breaks over the past few seasons but this could be the season where Mike silences his haters once and for all.

Also, I'm not sure how valid this is, but it seems like the NFL may have taken note of his impressive workout video as a screengrab of what seems to be Thomas' @cantguardmike Instagram story shows a text from the NFL along with the caption "Feds did a sweep."

As the draft draws nearer the Saints 2023 season will start to come into scope in terms of their firepower on offense and how the defense plans to rebuild the interior line and other needs throughout the team.

Check out Mike Triplett and the New Orleans Football podcast crew as they discuss this recent MT development and how it factors into the state of the Saints offense.

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