On August 7th, Mickey was brought home, and on August 17th we learned just how strong of a person Mickey Shunick really was. Brandon Scott Lavergne has plead guilty to murdering the young platinum blonde haired lady we have all come to know and admire, yet her smile will forever live on.

The day after we were notified that Mickey went missing, we jumped on the story in hopes of bringing her home safe. Like many of you, her story consumed our lives. Many of us went to sleep every night asking, "Where is Mickey", and when we would awake we'd repeat that same question over and over. Today, August 17th, we now know how things ended for Mickey.

Her story has touched more people than she or family will ever know. We have all learned so much from Mickey, and Mickey has done more for our community than she will ever know. For one, Mickey brought our community closer. When word went out that Mickey was missing, all walks of life came together has one. You see, it didn't matter what race you are, what political views you may have, or how rich or poor you may be...We all came together for one cause....To Bring Mickey Home. In her most difficult of times, Mickey showed us that we truly are all one.

Mickey also proved that in the toughest of times you have to fight. Mickey did not let the stronger evil prevail without a fight. This little solider fought to the end. Her heart gave all that it could, and for that we are grateful. Mickey has taught us that you never give up!!! You fight to the end!!

I think Mickey has also taught us that evil does exist around every corner. Never did we expect such evil to exist right here in Acadiana. We live in a part of the world where we sometimes trust everyone, and assume that everyone has good intentions. Mickey has proved to all of us that we can never let our guard down. This little angel has proven we all need to protect ourselves from evil, and with Mickey in heaven now, we can all rest assure that a guardian angel is indeed above all of us.

Lastly, I think Mickey has taught us all that there are still good/hard working families out there. I have gotten to know Mickey's sister, Charlene, through all of this, and her energy and her faith is contagious. The parents of Mickey Shunick should be very proud of their kids. And furthermore, Mickey's parents should be very proud of themselves. They too have proven to all of us in Acadiana that with a strong faith, no mountain is too high to climb. I will never forget asking Charlene Shunick just days after Brandon Scott Lavergne was arrested for his involvement in this case , "If you can tell Brandon Scott Lavergne's family anything right now, what would it be?" Her response, "I'm sorry you have to go through this." How unselfish of her?

Mickey, you are a fighter and you are an inspiration. You will forever be the candle of our community. You will always be the light of our future, and your candle will never go out. We are sorry you had to face evil alone. But you fought. And now you're home.