A Lafayette family is asking for the public's help as they continue to search for their family dog, Remi.

UPDATE: The Freeman family says that Remi has been returned home safely. Monica Freeman thanked everyone for sharing the news that her dog was missing, but her son was happy to have his buddy back by his side.

Monica Freeman says that it has been a rough past few days as their family has been lost without their family dog. Not only was their missing French bulldog the family pet, but Remy is her autistic son's emotional support animal.

Freeman tells me that she isn't sure how Remy managed to get out of their home on Martin Oaks Drive but she has been sick to her stomach out of concern for the pup and is exhausting every option in an effort to locate him.

Due to the amount of time that Remi has been missing and the type of breed, Freeman believes that it is very possible that Remi may have also been taken by someone.

Remi is very spoiled, very friendly, and only eats certain food. Otherwise, it will make him very sick, and to make matters even more urgent, he takes daily medication.

The mother has posted flyers, made posts on social media, and has asked neighbors to review doorbell and personal surveillance footage in an attempt to get every bit of information possible in order to track down the missing dog.

We've called, emailed, and visited shelters, vet hospitals, pet stores, and local areas to inform them of the news as well in hopes that they can help us. We've also reported this information to our local police station, and we have a case pending.

The last time Remi was seen was on Saturn Drive behind J.W. Faulk Elementary. Freeman tells me that Remi was reportedly seen chasing an individual down the street before stopping near neighbors who were outside.

After being pet by the neighbors, Remi allegedly saw the individual running once more, and chased him again—this time, in the direction of Louisiana Ave.

When the individual came back from around that corner, our dog was no longer seen with him. We've posted the individual in hopes that would give us more information that we are unaware of. We asked the individual if he's seen our dog, and to no avail, he explained he had seen the dog and provided no extra information.

The mother is hoping that getting her dog in front of the public will lead to answers, and ultimately their family dog returning home.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Remi (who also responds to 'Boss Baby' please inbox Monica Freeman on Facebook or call one of the numbers provided in the flyer above.

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