On the eve of  the 2011-12 Baseball Season, Major League Baseball has granted two of it's fans the "Dream Gig." Mike O'Hara, a punk rocker, and Ryan Wagner, a former actor, will be holed up in MLB's "Fan Cave,"in the old Tower Records building in Manhattan, in front of 15 flat-screen televisions.The two were selected by MLB amongst thousands of other baseball fans, and they will watch EVERY Baseball game this season and report upon them on the MLB Network, Twitter, and other outlets. The two fans will watch over 2,400 games this season, and remain in the "fan cave" for the entire 2011-12 season. While the league would not reveal the fan''s salary for this "gig," it does fall between the salary of a batboy and the league minimum $400,000.

To sit there and watch EVERY single game sounds fun, but will it get old and tiring? To sit there and watch 2,400+ games can be a mental and physical challenge. How much additional weight do you think these men will put on during the season, and do you think that somewhere along the way they simply "burn-out?" Plus, one of the fans is in a relationship, will this not be a strain on the relationship? Sure, it sounds like a sweet gig, but I think that as long as the season is, it will quickly become tiring and draining on their lives. It remains to be seen if they survive the entire season, but one thing is certain...they are watching a whole lot of baseball in a sweet pad, and getting paid for it.

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