Was the halftime show 'family-friendly' at Super Bowl LIV?

It depends on who you ask. Some people took to social media with arms crossed and jaws dropped as Shakira and J-Lo shook their hips for millions of viewers around the world. Others posted high praise for both women for lighting up the stage.

The Super Bowl halftime show is no stranger to critique but did all of the naysayers keep the same energy they had for last year's halftime show? Amanda Carlson took to Facebook pointed out the double standard in society when it comes to what's "too hot" for television when it comes to "family-friendly" content.

I don't have the hard numbers in front of me and I can only speak for my timeline, but I definitely didn't see a fraction of the criticism for Adam Levine's shirtless performance at last year's Super Bowl.

But maybe it wasn't the skin that offended the disgruntled viewers. Were the moves too hot? Were they not prepared for the truth from Shakira's hips? Was J-Lo too athletic on that pole? Was the knee slide too much to handle?

I'm curious to hear what you thought about the halftime show, and what would you consider to be your dream Super Bowl halftime performance?

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