It's no secret that Taylor Swift's 'The Era's Tour' has become the most profitable and successful tour. Chances are you remember the chaos that ensued when tickets went on sale but Ticketmaster couldn't handle the traffic and completely froze. Fans were left waiting in the ticket queue for hours to buy tickets for the US tour dates.

One Mom found a loophole that is taking her and her daughter out of the country to see the concert for a second time without the headache or the massive price tag.

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Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Second Night
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Flying Over Seas To See Swift

Jamie Davis Smith and her daughter saw Taylor Swift on the US leg of the tour in the nosebleeds for a whopping $5,000. After attending the concert Jamie, a newborn Swiftie, decided that she wanted to see The Era's Tour again but this time in Europe.

The European trip includes airfare to Warsaw, Poland, 3 VIP tickets Floor seats, and a hotel room. When all is said and done it still costs less or right at the same price as her nosebleed tickets in the US.

Jamie Davis Smith Via Facebook
Jamie Davis Smith Via Facebook

Why Poland?

Aside from the trip overall being cheaper her family are Polish citizens but have never been to Poland before so she thought this would be a perfect excuse to book a flight and kill two birds with one stone.

The other plus was that the tickets were not sold through Ticketmaster so she didn't have to deal with the nightmare of 'Ticketgate' like Swifties did here in the U.S.

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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Overall Cost

Jamie says she hopes to use credit-card points to book her flight but even if she pays for them outright the cost of the trip will be anywhere from $4,000-$5,000 which is close to what she paid for two tickets here in the States.

She joked that she never would have guessed that Taylor Swift would be what finally got her and her family to Poland.

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