This is one of the better parent pranks I have ever seen. This mom plays her part like an Oscar winning actress. The look on the little boy's face is priceless too. I get the feeling from watching this video that this mom is the kind of mother that would do anything for her children. I love the little wink she gives the camera just so we know she is doing all of this with love in her heart. You can also see that she is genuinely excited about being able to provide her little man with a special gift too.

I am a parent who plays with my kids. We pull jokes on each other. We play games with each other. We love and respect each other and in the end my kids know that I am their father and they are truly loved. I hope your kids know how much they mean to you. Why don't you go hug them right now? If they're grownup and out of the house a simple 'I Love You' text will go a long way.