I think as parents one of the real joys of having kids is being able to express your sense of humor to them and through them. Kids are funny by nature, they are also quite trusting when it comes to mom and dad. Now, if you throw in a major holiday and some unexplained meat you have the makings of a darn fine prank.

If there is one thing I do know about turkey, the bird, not the country, is that I only cook with it about once a  year. I don't care for turkey and especially despise leftover turkey. Go ahead, tell me that cold turkey doesn't offer the faint aroma of a mellowed out poop. It does and you know it. Just like a dog's feet smells like Fritos. 

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And, because turkey, at least in its whole form, is such an infrequent guest in many kitchens across the nation there is a lot of misinformation and downright dirty tricks that can be played. In many cases, those pranks are unleashed on unsuspecting children who in turn will revisit those pranks later in life with their own children.

Probably what creates the aura of mystery around a turkey is how it's packaged. The big birds are usually wrapped in heavy plastic and covered in plastic netting. I guess the Butterball people think that a dead frozen bird will run away. They won't but they will slide further than a curling stone.

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I apologize for the lengthy setup but I wanted to make sure you had the right frame of reference for what you are about to see. The video below is from TikTok user @natashafelch.  The video is actually from last year but it's still dang funny. I don't know Natasha and her family, but after watching this video, I bet we'd get along.

What you are seeing is Natasha's son coming into the kitchen only to be queried by his father about the turkey. The dad asks if the young boy can tell whether the bird he is preparing is a boy turkey or a girl turkey.

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The young man apparently has no clue until dear old Dad pulls the turkey's neck out from inside the bird's chest cavity. Now, if you've never seen a turkey neck there could be a "slight" resemblance to a certain part of the male anatomy. If you don't know what I am talking about go ask your parents, that's for mom and dad to teach, not me.

Now, the funniest part of the video is when the young man makes the connection between the male appendage and turkey and then seems to be making a gagging sound. He then comes back and utters these words, "is that his ding-dong-wala-wala-bing-bong?" I have to admit I may have wet my pants a little when I heard that.

Drifting Desk via Unsplash.com
Drifting Desk via Unsplash.com

Yeah, that's the look I'm used to getting from my kids when I play a joke on them. It's good to know that parental "torture" of their offspring is a universally accepted form of affection.

The good news is that Mom and Dad took the time to explain the "turkey" and its neck to their child and a good laugh was had by all. Have you ever pranked anyone using a Thanksgiving turkey? Be sure and share that with us, because we love to laugh at the innocent and unsuspecting.

Maybe that's why Santa never passes by our house?

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