If you have kids you should be aware of this.

A woman by the name of Jai Shine posted a photo of what appears to be a highlighter, but it's more than just something your kid may use in the classroom.

According to Shine's viral Facebook post, the "highlighter" you see here is actually used for vaping.

Yes, companies are getting more and more creative, thus kids and teens are gaining easier access to devices for vaping.

She encourages parents to evaluate what their kids may have in their possession and to be on alert.

I did a quick search on the internet and these devices (vape pens) are easily found and can make it easy for teens or others to purchase.

Here's the viral Facebook post alerting parents.

Here's a video that I found from a trade show that proves these are on the market, plus with this video, you can get a better look at this device.

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