Today I am writing because I am angry. I am angry at the fact that so many people think kindness can be taken advantage of. I am angry because I have had enough of insincere people and their lack of respect for others. I am angry because I am about damn tired of seeing society fall to the roots of all evil. It's time to speak the mind that my mother gave me.

Let me tell you, my momma didn't raise no b*tch. I was not raised to look for handouts. I was not raised to depend on others. I was not raised to break others down to build myself up. I was not raised to disrespect the janitor or the CEO.

I was raised to treat everyone with equal respect. I was raised to say please and thank you. I was raised to appreciate the good deeds of others and kind acts bestowed upon me. I was raised to stand my ground and work hard for what I wanted. I was raised to run a clean race and win a fight fair and square.

Yes, I get what I want. Not because it is handed to me on a silver platter, I get what I want because I refuse to back down until I get it. I refuse to give up until I get it. And I refuse to let someone get in my way of what it is I want. But understand, a determined mentality in no way shape or form means you have to disrespect others to get what you want.

I can't even begin to describe how tired I am of seeing the pettiness that has taken over this society. People are taking advantage of all the rights they are given. They are taking advantage of the law and they are lacking in simple manners. Worst of all, everyone is giving in to fear and hatred.

Now, here in the South, we say yes ma'am and no sir. We hold the door open for others and we smile and wave at strangers. That's just 'Southern hospitality', and I am honestly sad for people who don't get to experience that. I am even more sad for those of the South who have all of a sudden lost these ideals.

I am tired of seeing young kids disrespect authority whether it is a teacher or police officer or their parents. I am tired of seeing millennials' minds be swayed by fancy words and empty promises. I am sick and tired of seeing people my age succumb to this pathetic, uneducated society instead of taking a stand and turning it around. And most importantly, I am absolutely fed up with this race war.

Now of course, one simple article isn't going to change anyone's minds because you were raised to think a certain way. You were raised to have ideas and beliefs similar to your own parents. Let me tell you though, I sure as hell am glad that my parents are sensible human beings.

My parents didn't raise no b*tch. I will never expect anything from anyone. I will never live my life day to day wondering what someone else is going to do for me. I will never disrespect someone based on their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. That's not someone I want to be.

That's the great thing about being your own person and having your own functional brain. Whether you were brought up the way I was or not, you have the power to change it.

Think for yourself and stop letting other people think for you. Be a good person, be an educated person and be respectful. It is that simple.

Story written by Morgan Bulliard, a 21 year old Public Relations major at ULL who is all about high fives, fist bumps, and jazz hands. You can find her in the middle of the dance floor. Follow her on Twitter here.