How DARE you use my sauce for your taco!!!!  I don't know if those words were used in this battle, but it seems right.  I was always told never to steal your dinner date's utensils, but I guess taco sauce is a bigger 'no no.'  Christopher Phillips, 23-years-old, put his mother in a head lock and broke her glasses because she did the WORST THING EVER.......disrupt his meal.  As if putting your mother in a head lock isn't bad enough, let's add a couple of slaps to the matter.  Christopher's live-in girlfriend(Lisa Tyre) decided to 'defend his honor' by repeatedly slapping his mother 4 times in the face which caused Christopher's mother, Rebecca Phillips, to have a small cut inside her lip.  According to the sheriff's report this altercation started,


because Rebecca used Christopher’s salsa and taco sauce on her dinner."

I can't believe she would do something so offensive(sarcasm)!  In all seriousness, battery is no joking matter because a lot of harm can come from such abuse and there are a lot of cases that need to be dealt with.  At the same time though, this has to be the CRAZIEST case I have ever heard of.  Currently Lisa has been released and Christopher is still being held at a $750 bond.  Hmmm, I think its time for Christopher to move out of the parent's house don't you?


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