The choir department has reportedly been cancelled at Morgan City High and one teacher promises that they have not lost their voice with this decision.

This photo was posted on social media and has since gone viral. In the photo, Beth Ann Dupuy, is shown with a piece of tape of her mouth and sign in the background.

Apparently, Mrs. Dupuy's department has been eliminated from the curriculum at Morgan City High and many are now asking why it has been eliminated.

The department has been part of the school's curriculum for several years and has produced a lot of talent in St. Mary Parish.

I should note here that after reading several comments on this Facebook post, you can tell that a lot of people are disappointed in the decision to eliminate the choir from Morgan City High.

Perhaps something can be done to have the choir at this school, but we have seen several programs/organizations cut from schools budgets in recent years.

It is a sad day for many in St. Mary Parish.

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