In recent weeks we have seen a rash of reports that teenagers in our area, Acadiana, have gone missing. Luckily, most of the stories end on a happy note as the teenager simply elects to return home or is found safe. We have had five separate incidents in recent weeks where teens have come up missing , yet it is later determined that they left on their own accord. However, we must ask, why are so many teens running away from home here in Acadiana?This morning, Wednesday morning, I decided that maybe some these teens just need to hear a voice of reason.

We elected to allow teachers, counselors, parents, and other young adults to call the show and share their stories and/or experiences about runaways. Many of you called and many of you responded to us via our Facebook.

However, the general consensus amongst many of our listeners was that teenagers these days have the attitude like they are the ones in charge and that consequences are no threat to them. We had some really good calls from our listeners sharing their own experiences from when they ran away. Others called and shared how happy they were that they elected to NOT run away.

Regardless, we hope that you can take time to listen to a few of these phone calls. I told Candice off-air that every parent should let their kids hear what was on the show Wednesday morning. I personally believe that we are seeing so many cases of teenagers running away because families are not taking time out of their busy schedules to be a family. We hope that these phone calls helps shed some light on the dangers of running away.

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