If you are making plans for Spring Break 2012 and have a tight budget, CheapHotels.org combined a list of the most expensive destinations in terms of lodging. Cheap Hotels used rates from March 5 thru March 25th,  with the first week of spring break being the most expensive. UL and LSU celebrate spring break in the month of April, so prices may be cheaper! Cancun looks interesting at $29 for lodging, especially when you can fit 12 people in your hotel room right?  At that rate, it would cost each person $2.41 a night!!  There a Great Deal!  Happy Spring Break!

Here's the List.....

  1. Key West, Florida       $204
  2. South Beach Miami, Florida       $155
  3. Panama City, Florida        $129
  4. South Padre Island, Texas      $126
  5. Punta Cana, Dominical Republic    $117
  6. Daytona Beach, Florida     $110
  7. Lake Havasu, Arizona    $54
  8. Negril, Jamaica    $31
  9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina    $30
  10. Cancun, Mexico     $29

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