A Baton Rouge councilwoman wants to offer up a reward for citizens who keep their community clean by maintaining abandoned property.

Some of the lawns surrounded abandoned houses in Baton Rouge get so bad, the neighbors simply take it upon themselves to cut the grass. By proposing a 'Mow To Own' program, citizens who maintain a property where taxes haven't been paid in at least a year will have first dibs on it.

Councilwoman Tara Wicker says people often take it upon themselves to maintain yards in their neighborhood for the sake of their community.

Oftentimes you'll have individuals that are mowing their lawn and they'll just sort of go on over into that lot because it's so close to their home

With a 'Mow To Own' ordinance, once the city takes ownership for back taxes, the citizen who took care of the property would have "priority" on buying the lot from the city via a direct sale from the city.

Even though this is being considered in Baton Rouge, do you think this is a program you would like to see in your city?

According to WAFB, the Metro Council could vote on the measure Wednesday (4/27).

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