One of my many joys during the day is picking up my son from school and talking about his day.

However, that often leads to other random discussions while on our way back home. We often talk about music, games, and life. Yes, the conversations have been known to get really deep at times.

Well, today Mason asked if I knew what the saddest thing in the world is. I said to myself, here we go.

He said that the thing that really saddens him is when he sees one car at a cemetery, which he saw on the drive home. I asked him why is that sad? He replied, "Because that means someone lost a loved one and they really miss them."

There was about a seven second pause after that, but in reality, it felt like an eternity. All that I could reply with was, "That's very thoughtful for you to say something like that,"

By the way, I am glad I had my sunglasses on today for the commute home because his tender heart brought a tear to my eye.

I wanted to share this with you because often we just let kids talk and we never listen to them. Today, I am glad that I listened.

You see, this world is not as evil as some make it out to be, all that we have to do is listen to others.

Thanks for the memory, Mason. Your kind-hearted statement made my day and I hope it makes yours too.


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