Member of the Charlotte Hornets, PJ Washington, has reportedly been ordered to pay $200,000 a month in child support for the next eighteen years to his ex-wife. The ex-wife and child's mother, Brittany Renner, is now receiving criticism on social media with some even labeling her as a "predator".

Who is Brittany Renner?

Now the author of an auto-biography, Renner was once a collegiate soccer player who has grown a significant following on social media.

Renner is also the ex-wife and mother to the child of NBA player, PJ Washington.

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Now that you have context on the subjects of this story, we can proceed to the post that has a lot of Twitter talking.

See the report from @hoopsbank on Twitter below.

According to the Tweet, PJ Washington will be dishing out $200,000 every month to support his child for the next 18 years. While athletes and celebrities paying child support to exes in large sums has happened for a long time, there are certain circumstances in this particular case that has drawn attention from the internet world.

Social media was quick to scrutinize the news and add context that included clips and comments from Washington's baby-mother and ex-wife, Brittany Renner.

See some responses with a video of Renner speaking and a comment from her account on Instagram below.

In the video, Renner is apparently saying, "So if y'all really wanna try to come up off a check, off a man - you could just f*%! an athlete. They're really down" as she chuckles. A response to an Instagram comment also shows Renner recognizing the sentiment provided on a post.

Take what you will from what Renner said and commented here, but Twitter wasn't done voicing their thoughts.

While the description of Renner's auto-biography details a journey along her own life, the above Twitter user described it as, "... a book, on how to sleep with famous athletes and rappers". Another Twitter user pointed out that Renner has been involved with other famous athletes in the past.

See @bufflucci Tweet below.

Not to get off-track with her past relationships, the back-story for Renner and Washington's own relationship adds to social media's reason for scrutinizing the child-support payments. Many online pointed out that Washington was 18-years-old, while Renner was 27-years-old when the two first got together.

Aside from the circumstances of the two forming a relationship, there are massive financial implications for both parties involved. One Twitter user broke down the numbers on how the payments would affect the NBA player's income.

See @ChuckyTrades Tweet on PJ Washington below.

With all of that being said, there are many on social media labeling Brittany Renner as a predator and you can check out some of those Tweets below.

Social media is filled with rumors and allegations, some of which are tough to validate. But, there seems to be a history behind Renner's relationship with Washington and other athletes that has the Twitter world riled up. Going as far as calling someone a "predator" sounds like quite serious verbiage to use, but obviously social media feels like that is an appropriate label for Renner in this circumstance.

While no one knows what the specifics of Washington and Renner's relationship and its past really are, the social media world is sure latching onto the story and speaking out how they feel. See some more responses to the situation on Twitter below.

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