It’s a very simple story. Not a whole lot to say in words. But, it says a whole lot in other ways.

Tim Borel of New Iberia shares his story about how he made new friends by doing a simple act of kindness. According to KLFY, Borel said he found a mother and daughter that were stranded on I-10 near Baton Rouge with a flat tire.  Borel stopped to help them. He said they were on the side of the road for more than 30 minutes and no one stopped to help. The two ladies had to be so relieved when he pulled over to help them. Borel said they almost cried when they saw him pull over. Borel says in a post that they had a spare tire, but they didn't have the tools needed like a jack or lug wrench.

The story was shared all over social media and is getting a lot of praise and positive comments. Borel said in his post, “Put away fear and hate and love each other. We all struggle but it should not define who we are. We got this America. All it takes is love and understanding to be the catalyst for much-needed change.”

And you know what? He is right. That is all. One very simple little story spreads such a positive message. Thank you, Mr. Borel.

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