There shouldn't be any blistering laws that you'll have to look out for, but it's always good to know what's happening in our great state!

More than 20 new or rewritten laws are now in effect. Here are the ones of note:

Traffic Stop Education

The main thing of note is for the folks going to get their license. A law was passed last year to include the teaching of lessons in driver education courses on how to respond to police during a traffic stop.

The supporters of the legislation say it is to decrease tension during traffic stops. The bill doesn't add time to the course.

Tax Changes

The next thing of note is for the 2018 tax year, there will be a new individual income tax check-off for people who want to donate a portion of their refunds to the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association.

Also, the area has been broadened for doctors and dentists who work in rural, underserved areas for a tax credit that includes primary care nurse practitioners.

Lastly, in the tax break laws, a $5,000 tax break is being offered for renovations to homes of people with physical disabilities that are in need of "barrier-free design elements".

New Speciality License Plate Designs

The next thing to look out for is new license plate designs. Specialty plates for Acadiana High School, the Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders, the Sabine Pass Lighthouse, and signifying a Blue Star Family who has had a family member serve in the military are some that will be available.

Specialty plates come at a higher cost, and a certain number must be requested before they will be printed.

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