This postseason, NFL games will have an extra wrinkle if they go into overtime.

After a heartbreaking overtime loss for the Bills in the Divisional Round of the AFC playoffs last year, the NFL decided to take a look at the overtime rules, specifically in the postseason.

They decided to alter the normal "sudden death" style of overtime, allowing both teams to possess the ball at least once.

Naturally, the change has split football fans, especially those of the teams involved in the game which prompted the change last year.

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Some condemn the change, claiming that the game needs to value the defense equally.

Others want to avoid situations like last year, giving both teams at least one shot at the ball, regardless of the outcome of the first overtime drive.

To be completely honest, I can see both arguments. But truthfully, the way some fans, particularly Chiefs fans, complain about this feels kind of hypocritical.

Chiefs fans calling Josh Allen "golden boy" when their quarterback is currently the face of the league and a Madden cover athlete is hilarious to me.

What's even funnier is how this entire argument would be on its head had things gone the opposite direction in that playoff game. These were the two most potent offenses in the NFL. Asking either defense to stop the opposing offense would be a tall order that late into the contest.

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If that coin toss had gone the other way, I can promise with 100% certainty that the tweet about would instead end with "Bills vs the world lol" and we'd be having the exact same conversation.

Either way, fans are split by the decision. I personally think it's a good change that takes away the luck element of the coin toss, which is inherently uncompetitive.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is the way overtime will be in the postseason, it'll be interesting to see how teams adjust if they circumstance arises.

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