A New Orleans mother refuses to let a thief live under her roof and has taken extreme measures to discipline her 13-year-old daughter after she was caught shoplifting at a shopping mall. Danaka Walker forced the 13-year-old to walk around with a T-shirt that read: 'Hide your money. Hide your clothes. Hide everything. Cuz I’m A Thief.'

Immediately following her release from a Juvenile Dentition Center Walker's daughter was forced to put on a neon green shirt letting people know that he is a thief. Walker says that she works too hard for any thief to live under the same roof she does.

Danka told her local TV station KSN: 'I feel like if you’re going to embarrass me by stealing, I’m gonna show you what it’s like to be embarrassed.

Danka, a single mum-of-four, said she hopes her version of tough love will make her daughter realise she has to change her ways. 'Even though it's her first offense, I want to make sure it’s her last,' Walker said.

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