New Orleans Saints defensive tackle, David Onyemata, has received a six game suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. As more Saints fall victim to offseason trouble, the #WhoDatNation may wonder how New Orleans will proceed in a post Drew Brees era.

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See the Instagram post that Onyemata put out via @nick_underhill on Twitter.

According to Onyemata's post, he was surprised by the result of the test as he says, "I have never knowingly taken anything that could cause a positive test". The Saints defenseman added that they are testing the substances he was taking to get more clarity as to what may have caused the positive result.

As of now, this leaves the Saints defensive line in a compromised position until after Week 7 of this NFL season.

More on the specifics of the suspension from @nick_underhill below.

Onyemata being able to stay around the team during training camp and preseason is some sort of consolation, but he will definitely be missed during a pivotal time for the New Orleans Saints. With no Drew Brees for the team to look up to, established players like Onyemata were expected to stay solid as the Saints find their new identity.

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Here are some more specifics from @MySportsUpdate via Twitter.

It is no secret that the Saints defense has had its woes this offseason. As the above post mentions, New Orleans already is without Sheldon Rankins and Malcom Brown. Add in the fact that Marshon Lattimore found himself in trouble with the law this offseason and the Saints fan-base starts to wonder how many losses we can afford on the defensive side of the ball.

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I seriously hope that the Saints can smooth over as many of these issues as possible before Week 1 when the Green Bay Packers come to town. A bumpy start could be expected with no Drew Brees in the picture, but not having key players due to issues like this will not make the Saints journey any easier.

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