New Orleans Saints receiver and return specialist Deonte Harris has stirred up an interesting relationship debate on social media. Harris let his TikTok followers know that anything he buys for his girlfriend stays behind in New Orleans while she is in Washington D.C. at home. The reason why has some concerned, while others are supporting Harris.

"Quick question - I just need y'all to tell me that my logic makes perfect sense. Cause my girl would probably think otherwise...", Harris began.

Twitter via @NOLANicolee
Twitter via @NOLANicolee

Harris is looking for some reassurance regarding his girlfriend, who lives in Washington D.C., and if it makes sense that anything Harris buys her should stay back in New Orleans.  You might find his reasoning to be interesting.

See the scenario presented by @tayynation1 on TikTok below.

In the video, Harris says that anything he purchases for his girlfriend stays behind in New Orleans when she travels back home to Washington D.C.. His logic for keeping those gifts back in NOLA is that if she is going to cheat on him, he doesn't want her to cheat with anything that he bought her.

You can hear Harris' girlfriend in the background say, "But I'm not gonna cheat". She goes on to ask, "Why do you have that logical thinking if I'm not gonna cheat? And you know I'm not gonna cheat".

Harris responds, "I don't know anything. I know that I'm black and I'm gonna die eventually. That's what I do know".

Now, the TikTok got brought over to Twitter where the conversation continued.

Some wondered why Harris' girlfriend was living in D.C. in the first place.

Harris cleared that up by explaining that his girlfriend has a job there.

Another Twitter user suggested that there may be some trust issues in the relationship.

One Twitter user supported Harris' logic.

Of course, @tayynation1 was just having some fun on social media and let everyone know that the dilemma wasn't that serious after all.

Harris seems to be joking with social media and his girlfriend, as he makes sure to point out that his relationship is all-good. Nevertheless, the situation Harris presented could be one that people in long distance relationships could actually face.

All jokes aside, do you think Harris has a good point? Is his logic sound?

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