One Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan is not backing down after she has asked for all of the smoke from the #WhoDatNation online. Saints fans on Twitter have been roasting the Bucs fan for not only the team that she pulls for, but also for her questionable footwear choice while on Bourbon Street.

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Let's be straight up - Bourbon Street sucks.

It is a tourist trap for all of those anxious to get a New Orleans experience. Little do they know, all they are going to get is colorful, sugary drinks and their shoes covered in who-knows-what. It's almost always stinky and once you have done Bourbon Street once, you know what you're going to get.

With that being said, Bourbon Street is still an important part of The City and folks from all over the world will continue to flock there. I'd be a liar if I said that I will never visit Bourbon Street again, because it will probably happen some day.

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Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Visits Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Recently, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan traveled to New Orleans and spent some time in the famous drinking district.

See the photo and caption shared by the Bucs fan @BucsfanForeve on Twitter below.

As you can see, the Bucs fan says that she visited a voodoo doll shop and asked if they had any Saints dolls. The post used the hashtag #saintssuck and #Gobucs as she can be seen smiling on the sidewalk of Bourbon Street.

Apparently, the Bucs fan is having plenty of fun poking at the Saints fans while down in NOLA.

A fellow Bucs fan reached out to the woman to commend her bravery in rocking the Red & Black while in NOLA.

Yes, it's true - most folks in Louisiana will let you go about your business without starting an argument with a random person over their shirt choice.


But one thing any opposing fan base should know by now is that if you start something with Saints fans online, they aren't going to let you just ride off into the sunset without providing a response.

Saints Fans Roast Bucs Fan after Visit to Bourbon Street

Check out some of the responses to the post on Twitter below.

Many locals actually had concerns for the woman's choice of footwear in the French Quarter.

I hope flip-flop Sally enjoyed her hand-grenade and time on Bourbon Street, I really do.

I also hope that the Saints absolutely decimate the Bucs this season so that we can all look back together on her New Orleans trip and have a good laugh.

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