Yesterday when the New Orleans Saints faced their division opponent Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not only did they win by scoring more points. They had WAY better dances every time they reached the end zone. Lance Moore payed homage to J. Dash when he hit paydirt and gave us his best 'Wop.'

I was at the game, and Lance scored in the opposite end zone from where my seats are located, but I still managed to get some pretty good pictures of the actual play as it developed. (scroll to the right)

It was a great throw by Brees and an even better catch by Moore, but the best part came after the score when Lance hit us with end zone dance greatness.

Later in the game, Darren Sproles hit us with the 'Cat Daddy' after one of his scores. (pictured below) I couldn't find a video of that, but it's official, the Saints have the coolest end zone dances.










Lance Moore Does The 'Wop' (with music)

J.Dash - Wop (Official Video)