The city many of us like to call, "home away from home" has been voted as the dirtiest city in America. While much of the clean-up is complete after Hurricane Katrina, many still flock to the city and unfortunately don't respect the city enough to not litter while they party in the Cresent City.Out of the 35 cities analyzed, the Crescent City finished at the bottom or near the bottom in several key categories, including cleanliness, family vacations and how athletic and active it is. Still, we love the city and everything that defines that city. From the culture, to the sporting events, and to the scrumptious food, we love New Orleans for who it is and what it is. I highly doubt that being voted the "Dirtiest City In America" will keep tourists and locals from visiting the city and all that it has to offer.

In the same category, Philadelphia took second and Los Angeles took third as the "Dirtiest Cities In America."

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