We have been through Planking, Owling, and Tebowing, but now the the latest photo trend this month is called, "Mamming." In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, men and women, yes men are taking part in this too, are placing their breast on random objects and posting a photo of it on social media sites.

The purpose of this latest trend is supposed to suggest getting a mammogram.  And since getting a regular mammogram is THE best way to catch and stop breast cancer early, "Mamming" is technically now part the breast cancer awareness mission . . . but we really know why many of you may be doing this, to show off what you got.

Michelle Lamont, 25-years-old, started this latest trend as a way to remind women to get mammograms. Hence, much like when you get a mammogram, you place your "friends" up on a tray,  or in this case on random objects, and go thru with the screening. Lamont is a breast cancer survivor and says that she hopes this latest trend will remind others to get mammogram screenings.