I can't wait to see what some have to say about this latest trend.

Wedding season is in full swing as we enter the Spring months in south Louisiana and one wedding trend has been the topic of discussion on social media.

Here in south Louisiana wedding receptions can downright go from elegance to a more clublike atmosphere in minutes.

Often, alcohol plays a huge role in people's behavior while in attendance at wedding receptions and some may have caught on.

Having provided entertainment at wedding receptions for over 25 years in south Louisiana, I have seen what happens when there's too much alcohol at a wedding reception and I've seen what happens when there's NO alcohol for the Bride's big day.


So, the new trend sweeping across the country now is "Dry Weddings". You guessed it, newlyweds are electing to not have alcohol served at their wedding reception for various reasons.

For one, many just don't feel that a wedding reception is a place for people to get intoxicated and then act of character.

Others say with the cost of everything going up in recent years, this is just a way to "Scale back" on their big day.


I have participated in both styles of receptions and I will say that "Dry Receptions" are much tamer and that there's much less dancing. Still, the ones I have been a part of had fun, but they don't seem to go on as long as say a reception with alcohol being served.

Now onto the receptions with alcohol, if done right and if served in the right portions, receptions with alcohol can be very fun and energetic. I should note here too that open bars with hard liquor sometimes are a recipe for disaster at wedding receptions.

In any case, I share this with you so that in the event of you showing up at a wedding reception and there's no alcohol being served, this isn't as uncommon as you may think.


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