One news reporter got an interruption he wasn't expecting when a familiar face drove past the scene of a story. Video of Myles Harris being tracked down by his mother has gone viral, as social media recognizes yet another example of a mom's undying love.

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When Central Ohio reporter Myles Harris threw his hands up in the air while looking off-camera, it was clear that he had seen something he wasn't expecting. As he looked back to his camera man, DiAngelo, Harris only had one thing to say.

Twitter via @wsyx6
Twitter via @wsyx6

"It's my mom - hold on", Harris turned and said to his camera man.

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"Hi, baby!", Harris' mother excitedly exclaimed. "Don't be holding up traffic because you've got people behind you", Harris said back to his mom.

She was so happy to see her son hard at work, she even stopped traffic just to blow him a kiss! Talk about a proud mother.

See the moment for yourself via @wsyx6 on Twitter below.

My favorite moment from this viral clip is Harris' mother getting introduced to DiAngelo. You can just tell this woman lives to love her child, as Harris isn't too shocked by her move to show up while he is in the middle of working. It feels safe to assume that Harris' mother has been supporting him at these lengths for his entire life.

Check out reactions to the viral clip via Twitter here.

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