After sitting in deafening silence for over a week NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may finally have to address the controversial non-call that all but kept the Saints out of the Super Bowl.

Goodell will sit with the media at noon for his annual State of the League address, which is the norm in the days leading up to the Super Bowl set for this Sunday in Atlanta.

In the past, this event is usually where the commissioner talks about rule changes and other issues in the league. I highly doubt Goodell will use this moment for some type of apology or anything that could delegitimize the Super Bowl any more than it already is. Regardless, the elephant in the room will definitely be the non-call and the closest we may see Goodell get to that will be in the form of any possible changes to instant replay or pass interference rules.

Of course, any proposed rule changes would have to be voted on and approved by NFL owners when they meet in May.

Tom Pennington, Getty Images

The pass interference (non) call has been a topic on every major sports show in the last 10 days and even the harshest critics agree that if the PI on Nickell Robey-Coleman had been called the Saints would have had the ball inside the 5-yard line with 1:41 left on the clock. New Orleans could have then run the majority of the time off of the clock to set up a winning chip-shot field goal and the rest would be history.

The fallout has included just about every boycott you could imagine as well as court documents filed in a federal legal case against the league. The NFL's Senior VP of Officiating Al Riveron personally called Saints head coach Sean Payton to immediately apologize for getting it wrong. NFL lawyers have admitted the same.

Basically, everyone BUT Roger Goodell, whose only response to the non-call came in the fashion of a lawsuit filing where he argues that referee's decisions are "final" because "the officials on the field are humans, like the players and coaches," and "errors will happen."

The commissioner will face reporters at noon, and until then, Saints fans will be patiently waiting.