NFL quarterback Michael Vick wants to own another dog, but this time he says that the dog will be for his kids. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Vick says that he thinks his kids deserve to have their own dog.If you recall, it was Vick who was convicted of illegal dog fighting and served 19 months in federal prison for his involvement in leading the ring. Per the court, Vick was told that he could NOT own a dog for three years, yet that court mandate is about to expire. Hence, Vick is contemplating the idea of getting a dog for his kids.



The Eagles quarterback told Piers Morgan in the interview, "I can't take that dream away from them. That's selfish on my behalf." Now, according to TMZ, Vick says that he will not allow his kids to have pitbull puppies.

I ask, do you think that Vick is sincere in his apologies for his involvement in the dog fighting scheme and has he fully rehabilitated himself from his past? Is it time, and is it in Vick's best interest to now own dogs again? Tell us what you think by voting below.



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