In a preview for a two-part interview on Dr. Phil, a now sober Nick Gordon revealed that his late girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was abusing drugs during their relationship.

Last year, Nick Gordon appeared on Dr. Phil during Bobbi Kristina’s worsening medical condition. Brown was found in her home, unconscious in her bathtub in January 2015. She spent about six months in a medically induced coma. During that time, Gordon appeared on the show distraught and inebriated, trying to cope with his then fiancee’s medically induced coma before her death last July.

For his recent appearance on Dr. Phil, Gordon discussed his time in rehab and reveals the details of their drug use. In the two-part interview, Gordon reveals Bobbi Kristina had a “drug problem." He said, Kristina smoked socially while her mother, the late pop icon Whitney Houston, was alive. But when Houston died, he said, her drug use "got really bad."

He reveals they did drugs together and adds, "It was unfortunate but at the time that's kind of the only way we knew how to deal with what had happened."

Gordon entered rehab last year for alcohol and Xanax abuse immediately following his first Dr. Phil appearance. He said, "I was drinking so much at the time because I could not deal with what was happening to Krissy," he added. "It mentally broke me. That's the lowest point in my life right there."

Allegedly, there's a $10 million dollar civil lawsuit against Gordon claiming his responsibility for Bobbi Kristina’s death. In the interview, Gordon denies any responsibility in Brown’s death and focuses the blame on her father, Bobby Brown.

Nick Gordon's interview with Dr. Phil will air in full on Thursday (April 28) and Friday (April 29). Check your local listings for airtime.

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