One of the most uplifting aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic is how it's uniting people even though it's forcing us apart.  Case in point, medicine maker Amneal Pharmaceuticals has donated 400,000 hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets to the state of Louisiana to aid in the battle against the virus that causes COVID-19.

That's right, a pharmaceutical company is giving away a potentially life-saving drug shown to be useful against Coronavirus instead of marking it up a gazillion percent!

According to the report from WBRZ, the drugs will go to researchers at LSU's School of Medicine.  That's where researchers have set up two different clinical trials in order to test hydroxychloroquine sulfate effectiveness in fighting the disease.  According to the report:

One trial will utilize hydroxychloroquine on those who have significant COVID-19 disease. The other trial protocol will use and test the drug as a preventative measure for healthcare workers on the front lines battling the epidemic. 

The trials will be conducted at the University Medical Center in New Orleans and at the LSU Medical School locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette.


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