A link announcing that the sequel to 'The Notebook' will be filmed in Lafayette, LA has the city in a tizzy, but unfortunately it's (probably) 100% not true.

'The Notebook' was released in 2004 and was based on a romance novel of the same name. It starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in a story that followed a young couple who fell in love in the early 1940s and had great box office success.

Could you imagine seeing images of Downtown Lafayette, or some of our local landscapes in the sequel for one of the most romantic movies of all time?

The sequel takes place shortly after their wedding when they move to Lafayette for a period of time before eventually returning to Seabrook.  No other details of the plot were provided as of now.

A link announcing that the film will be shot in Lafayette, as well as the premise, has been shared locally—over and over again—but one glaring issue is definitely the source of the information.


The website is called HeadlineBrief.com and in their 'About Us' section they state, clear as day:


So there you have it—no 'Notebook 2' sequel filmed in Lafayette, LA (for now) but you can totally go here and learn how to kiss like you're in the movie. Plus, wasn't there already a "sequel' called 'The Wedding?'

Sorry, 'Notebook' fans. Don't kill me—I'm just the messenger.

[via HeadlineBrief.com]