When the family of a Puerto Rico man arrived at his funeral, they were please to see him sitting comfortably in a chair, looking them squarely in the eye.

According to Complex, Diaz Beato was shot 15 times earlier this month and authorities in his San Juan neighborhood still have no leads in the alleged murder. His family described him as "happy" and "active" and all agreed that they didn't want to see him just lying in a coffin.

Marin Funeral Home has a reputation for their "unique" services, but this time around they did something for the family that they didn't see coming—no pun intended.

I think that this time was the most impressive reaction to any of the work we have done.

Not only was Beato seemingly casual and totally chill, he even had a cigarette in his hand. Owner Damaris Marin says the "most compelling aspect" of the design were the eyes on Diaz Beato—who he claims is the first dead man in history to have his eyes open.

In addition to a dead man playing dominoes, to women propped up in their favorite chair, this design from Marin is one you have to "see" to believe.

Could you ever attend a funeral like this, or would you be creeped out? Comment below!

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