Sticky, steamy, sweaty, okay enough about what it feels like to climb into your car on most days in Louisiana we're not here to discuss the weather. We are here to discuss your options, or should we say clothing-optional options for an au naturel vacation in Louisiana.

You'd think a state where obesity is a major issue wouldn't have too many choices for those who choose to go without clothing. And you'd be right. But not everyone is as self-conscious as those who might find an issue in baring it all in front of God and a bunch of strangers. For those who simply love the feel of the sun on their skin, all of their skin, you do have some choices.

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First things first, we should clarify that venues that promote a clothing-optional lifestyle are not home to "wild sex-fueled" weekends as your imagination might be suggesting. Most nude resorts are very chill, very laid back, and very respectful when it comes to the way guests are treated and the way guests are expected to behave.

Most resorts and clubs have very stringent rules regarding guest behavior and the operators of these facilities are quick to let those who visit know a violation of their rules will get you tossed out on your bare naked bottom.

Now, we realize an "au naturel" experience isn't for everyone but the fact that you are still reading suggests you'd like to know at least a little bit more about the subject. Here's what we found.

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There are three different facilities listed in the Naturist Directory. Two of those clubs are "landed" while the third, the Sandy Bares Club does not have a particular location. So, let's look at that one first. The Sandy Bares Club is family oriented. It's a member-run club that hosts events, both clothed and non-clothed at members' private homes.

Naturally, the first question you'll see answered on their site is "Are you a swinger or a sex club"? The answer is no. To quote the Sandy Bares site "definitely not". The club caters to those that believe nudity is healthy and wholesome for the body. The club has specific rules about sexual activity and harassment.

The club welcomes both single members and couples. They are based in southeastern Louisiana but member events are held at locations across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida Gulf Coast. If you'd like to know more about the club and its offerings you'll have to reach out via their website to request that information.

WWLTV via YouTube
WWLTV via YouTube

For those looking for an all-natural experience at a specific destination, there are two such places in Louisiana you might consider. One is a bed and breakfast near Baton Rouge, the other is a campground near Slidell.

Bayou Allure Clothing Optional Bed and Breakfast is, according to Naturist Directory, conveniently located in Baton Rouge just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans. The facility is reported to have four-bed spaces, a swimming pool, and WiFi, and is situated on .2 hectares of private property.

Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm the details of Bayou Allure via their website as it was either suffering a technical issue or was no longer in service.

The third location on the list of Louisiana's clothing-optional choices was Indian Hills Family Nudist Park. That facility has been celebrating the Family Nudist Lifestyle since 1971. The park is open to "any adult 18 and older looking to enjoy the freedoms of nudity/naturism in a judgment-free environment". That's a quote from the home page of the facility's website.

Indian Hills offers Rentals, RV spots, and camping spots too. They have a pool, a clubhouse, and host regular activities with guests. You can spend time with others or spend time with nature, it's your choice. But you will need to know before you go and first-time guests should plan to spend a few extra minutes at registration while IDs are verified.

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